Membership – WHY? ·

  • Memberships empower us to solicit support from merchants.  They identify us as a not-for-profit organization supported by volunteers. ·
  • Supporting restaurants and merchants provide discounts to members of a minimum of 10%. ·(See Preferred Merchant list)
  • Spanish lessons - members  save over 20 per cent on Spanish lessons
  • Bridge (Fridays, 2 to 5 PM) - members  save 50 pesos per person per day
  • Memberships cover over 80% of club operating costs, allowing funds raised from our events and programs to be distributed within the community.

Become a member of the International Friendship Club.

NOW - You can join or renew your membership online with your credit card. (click here)

Stop by our office and fill out a (or bring a completed) membership application.

Annual dues are payable in cash. Pesos only please. At this time we can ONLY accept credit cards online, using PayPal (see below).

Your contribution rebuilds a child’s face, feeds a family overcome by poverty, helps a child learn how to read and aids the less fortunate in the community.

By being a member you are also rewarded by many discounts in fine restaurants and other quality businesses whenever you visit Puerto Vallarta.  You also are able to attend our events and social gatherings, given first opportunity to receive information on our tours plus our mini electronic newsletter to keep you informed and updated on all of our activities.


1. Print the IFC Membership Application, fill it out completely, taking care to PRINT your email address CLEARLY and bring it with you when you come to the IFC office to pick up your membership card.
2. If you are joining for the first time, Complete the Paypal steps below and visit the IFC office to drop off yoiur application and pick up your membership card.
3. If you are renewing your membership, Complete the Paypal steps below and visit the IFC office to drop off yoiur application and pick up your membership card.

Click here to print the membership application.

 Pay for your membership using your PayPal account or a credit card as follows:

2021 IFC Membership
NOTE: Membership dues for 2021 are the same as last years: 450 pesos per person, 900 pesos per couple.
However, the club is offering an option of a Two year membership with a discount. A 2 year membership is 700 pesos per person or 1,400 pesos per couple, a savings of 200 pesos per person or 400 pesos per couple
NOTE: If purchasing membership for 2 people,please remember to include names of BOTH people.

Name(s) of members