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  • ALAS Escuela de Canto (WINGS School of Singing):IFC grants supports musical training, enhancing performances , and contributing to this safe, joyous haven for children to learn their self worth and develop their ability and desire to help others and the community.
  • American School: Recent grants have offset costs for the purchase and distribution of books for pre-school and elementary age children in economically disadvantaged schools.
  • Arroyos de Esperanza: IFC support for this active underserved community center funded nutritious meals and educational classes for children.
  • British American School: Supporting the “Me to We” program, students and teachers train school staffs to set up libraries, purchase of books and build cross-cultural friendships.
  •  IAMPV is an umbrella musical organization that is responsible for the operation of the PV Chamber Orchestra and the Salty Paws Jazz Orchestra. Its teachers also contribute to musical programs in schools in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Orquestra Escuela de PV: The Youth Orchestra introduces hundreds of local students to the beauty and discipline of learning and performing classical music.  IFC grants help to purchase new instruments and grow the orchestra.
  • SETAC Solidaridad: IFC donations pay for HIV education and counseling for prevention and living with HIV. Funds also provide informational brochures, and baby formula for HIV mothers.
  • Volcanes Education Project: IFC supports after school enrichment programs, English, Math, remedial reading and Computer Classes in this economically challenged community.

Medical/Dental Health

  • Boca de Tomatlan: IFC grants support this area’s growing dental outreach program South of Vallarta, providing financial support for cleaning, treatment and dental education.
  • Cleft Palate Program: A major service for over 30 years, the IFC partners with medical staff, local hospitals and community resources to fund an extensive “flagship” program that offers professional diagnosis, surgical treatment and restoration to hundreds of affected children.
  • Dr. Luz Services: A specialist in cleft palate conditions, the IFC helps fund the services of Dr. Luz to provide follow up care for patients with free or minimal dental charges.
  • Patrocinio Program: Individual IFC Members identify and sponsor costs of care for Mexican citizens with limited finances facing serious medical/dental challenges. “Each one helps one.”


  • Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo: Grants support many services for the children of Casa Hogar, many of whom come from diverse challenges such as abandonment, violence, abuse, family disintegration or extreme poverty, and indigent single mothers.
  • Dives in Miseracordia: The association provides the less fortunate with the means for receiving food through a soup kitchen and a basic pantry, medical care (drugs, healing material, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes and diapers), counseling and training workshops for work. All this in order that they can enjoy a better quality of life.

Social Services

  • Clinica Sta. Barbara de Rehabiltacion Vallarta:  A family rehab center, IFC’s donations offset costs of treatment for individuals with little financial means to pay.
  • Pasitos de Luz: IFC donates to this award winning treatment and daycare center for physically handicapped children founded to provide care and safety so parents can work.
  • IFC Member Susan Davalos volunteers hundreds of hours travelling to charities and homes in outlying areas providing nutritious food and school supplies to families in need often not served by any other program or charity.
  • IFC’s English classes are taught, free of charge, to about forty Mexican adults and children to help them learn and practice the language that is vital for good employment in the tourism industry in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Women's Shelter (VIDA REAVIVIDA AC, shelter for abused women and children in the PV area.


The IFC is a registered charitable organization in Mexico serving the ex-pat community with educational seminars, speakers, Spanish lessons and a variety of social events, and other services. The IFC has a membership base of over 600.

Thanks to Home Tours, donations and membership fees, the IFC supports a growing list of more than 20 charities and programs with volunteer time and annual financial grants.

For information on joining the IFC and helping to support these charities, click on "membership" in the left column. 

The International Friendship Club’s office and clubhouse
is located at Edificio Parian del Puente #13,
Calle Libertad at the corner with Miramar
in Colonia El Centro.
Telephone in Puerto Vallarta: 322-222-5466